Editing & Tutoring

I am available to assist you, either remotely or in person, in revising your documents, including, but not limited to, theses, dissertations, academic articles, and statements of purpose.

I have ten years of experience teaching college courses in art history, rhetoric and composition, and film studies. I have also worked at the University of Florida’s Reading and Writing Center, where I have assisted undergraduate students, graduate students, and professors in revising their prose and honing their arguments. I have extensive experience working with both native and non-native speakers of English.


Editing & proofreading: $3.50 per 250 words

Tutoring: $30 per hour

Please feel free to call me at 352-262-5410, or email me at charleshmeyer@hotmail.com to request editing or schedule a tutoring session.

Testimonials from former and current clients:

Last fall, while applying to law schools, I sought help from Charlie for assistance with several essays. These essays ranged from a personal statement to specific prompts, and were 1-2 pages in length. Throughout the fall, I met with Charlie no less than five times. He not only edited my work, using his outstanding knowledge of grammar and the English language, but took the time to fully comprehend the purpose of each essay I was writing. This allowed him to make significant suggestions regarding the content and flow of my essays that improved them greatly. In the time we spent reviewing my writing samples, Charlie explained each change or suggestion he made, thereby improving my writing skills in addition to helping me with my applications. I will always appreciate the time and sincere consideration he put into helping me perfect these writing samples, which positively impacted my law school applications. I would recommend him to anyone who needs assistance in writing or editing academic or professional work. I am confident that any time spent with him will result in improvement of specific writing samples and writing skills.

-Kim Thibault,
University of Florida undergraduate alumna
and University of Michigan law school student

Charlie was my tutor in 2010 when I was working on my PhD dissertation prospectus in art history. I met him at the UF writing center, and he gave me very impressive feedback on several drafts. So I asked him for some extra help outside the writing center, and that was the beginning of our intellectual friendship. Charlie is the kind of person who is not only able to help with writing/speaking issues in English but also able to provide insightful advice in studying/researching in the humanities. Through the editing process, I learned a lot about the most up-to-date discussions of art, film, and literature, which became valuable assets for my own study. I have no doubt Charlie will be a great tutor and editor for you if you are looking for a nice, experienced, brilliant intellectual.

-Jongchul Choi,
University of Florida PhD candidate in art history

Portuguese is my native language, so writing a master’s thesis was a double challenge for me: it should be a good discussion, and it should also be written in English! I was lucky to have enough time to meet with the folks at the Writing Center of the University of Florida, and with Charlie, in particular. What a great copy editor! Fast, reliable, and confident, all that packed in a good mood. His knowledge of the subtleties of English gives instant relief for guys like me, for instance. In addition, he just changes what is necessary, leaving the original with the same flavor as before, but with a better touch, and a better line of thought wherever possible. His mantra is, “I only propose a change when I can make it better.” Small drops of half-an-hour heavy editing on my texts have made my work much better.

-Cassiano Polesi,
M.A. in Journalism, University of Florida

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