The Recurring Marly Horses

Marly horses in Holiday shot 3

Commissioned in 1739 by Louis XV for the Chateau de Marly, the Marly Horses were sculpted in marble at a slightly larger-than-life scale by Guillaume Coustou the Elder. Following the destruction of the chateau and the execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution, the sculptures were moved to Paris and...
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Trips to Grand Hotels

Grand Hotel Dover, U.K. pc 3

A series of antique postcard collections.
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The Still Cinema Presents: Grand Hotel


A series of photographs taken for “Grand Hotel,” the Best Picture Oscar winner of 1932.
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Three Films Starring Patricia Gozzi

Stockwell & Gozzi in Rapture mini

A short tribute to one of my favorite French actresses. The music, by Georges Delerue, is from “Rapture,” the second of the three films in which Gozzi starred before leaving the film business.
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The Insane Natural:
An Unconscious Film Trilogy

The Insane Natural: An Unconscious Film Trilogy

Charles’s essay “The Insane Natural: An Unconscious Film Trilogy” has been published on Cinespect.
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The Films of Patricia Gozzi: An Exhibition of Vintage Movie Posters from the 1960s

Gozzi at Volta 01

This April at Volta Coffee, Tea & Chocolate here in Gainesville, I am curating “The Films of Patricia Gozzi: An Exhibition of Vintage Movie Posters” to celebrate both the art of the classic movie poster and the career of an unjustly forgotten French film actress. The exhibition will include a selection of posters and...
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Cubicle Rebellion, or Three
Ordinary Guys with Nothing to Lose:
An Unconscious Film Trilogy


Charles’s critical essay, “Cubicle Rebellion, or Three Ordinary Guys with Nothing to Lose: An Unconscious Film Trilogy,” has been published on Cinespect.
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Postcards from the Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Cherry Valley, New York pc 1

A work in progress…
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The Blue Bicycle:
A Gainesville-Paris Research Project


People sometimes ask me how I found the blue bicycle. As with most discoveries, I wasn’t exactly looking for it. But I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t looking for something when I first noticed it. One evening in the fall of 2004, as I was re-watching The Dreamers (Bernardo Bertolucci,...
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Photo Journal

Berlin Ubahn, May 2006

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